About Us

Med-Source Healthcare Services, Inc.
three caregivers smilingLiving is an attitude as much as an action. A perception that helps sustain the highest quality of life, even under challenging circumstances. At Med-Source Healthcare Services, Inc., we enhance this insight with a philosophy called Higher Standards. This care concept helps us emphasize the spirit as individuals and as a connected community.

Everyone wants to be the best at what they do, we always want to be better than the best and higher. This is a fitting description of an approach to getting the most out of our life each day. Our standard of care is about living, and it is available only from Med-Source Healthcare Services, Inc.

At  Med-Source Healthcare Services, Inc., our care philosophy can help make a remarkable difference in your patients’ or loved ones’ lives. Although many trained professionals can administer medicines, at Med-Source Healthcare Services, Inc. we administer compassion and compassion ship. Others can change dressings, we can change outlooks. The reason? Since 2003, we have been combining state-of-the-art technologies with holistic care principles. This includes disease and symptom management, client family education and a multidimensional approach to physical, psychological, social and spiritual care.

Umbrella of Care
In addition to nursing and therapy services, Med-Source Healthcare Services, Inc. has expanded its home care services to include provider services, as well as pediatrics along with pharmacy and medical equipment resources. Our umbrella of care allows patients, families, and providers to remain with their home care provider of choice even if their needs change.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your concerns and home care needs. You may reach us at: 281-265-0095. When you call, ask to schedule a FREE, No Obligation In-Home Assessment.